Welcome to SHIS Limited.

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Competitive Strength

01Track Records

We have a solid track record of providing integrated building services for Singapore Government agencies, with a focus on the installation and maintenance of M&E systems.

02Proven Quality

Contractors are graded by Singapore Government agencies on their performance levels and having undertaken our projects timely and reliably added to our track record.

03Experienced Team

We have an experienced and dedicated management team led by our Executive Directors and supported by an experienced supervisory team.

04Service Level Standard

We have consistently delivered reliable and timely services to our customers, both attributes being important to ensure that the building systems are properly functioning with minimal downtime.


About Us

We are a contractor in Singapore and we mainly provide integrated building services, with a focus on maintenance and installations of mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems, and including minor repairs and improvement works; and undertake building and construction works in Singapore. We have more than ten years of experience in the provision of maintenance services for various building systems in Singapore.


Business Strategy

Expanding our scale of operation and undertaking more integrated building services projects in Singapore

We intend to expand our scale of operation through actively seeking opportunities in undertaking additional integrated building services projects, from both our existing customers and potential new customers, on top of our present scale of operation and our current projects on hand.



Expanding our in-house capabilities and reducing the use of subcontractors in relation to plumbing and sanitary works, electrical works, and air-conditioning works

In order to reduce our costs and increase our competitiveness in the market, we intend to expand and strengthen our in-house capabilities in relation to (a) plumbing and sanitary works; (b) electrical works and (c) air-conditioning works.